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Elliot from Melbourne

Elliott was born in November of 2005. During his first week of life, I was told that he wouldn’t survive the following week and even if he did make it through, there was an extremely slim chance he would survive to be 2 years old. This coming November he will be turning 7.

Elliott’s life has been quite challenging but he can always manage a smile. He started school this year and is enjoying making new friends and experiencing lots of new things. He is a very happy little fellow who loves to get out to do his favourite pass-time of watching the trams go buy and the traffic pass. He also loves music and any loud noises like the vacuum or the hair dryer, the louder the better! I just bought him a spa-mat which he loves as he has a fascination with water and bubbles (see photo of Bubble Beard). He is unable to walk at this point of his life but he is able to get to where he wants to go by rolling and he is working hard at school to be able to walk some day. Elliott can’t talk but he can express his emotions easily by making a range of sounds.

Elliott suffers from a range of seizures that have been very hard to manage and he is on numerous medications at the moment. He hasn’t had a Tonic-Clonic seizure for 19 months and still has absences every now and then but it makes me hopeful that he is growing out of his seizure disorder…my fingers and toes are crossed anyway!

Elliott is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I grow even more proud of him every day.  Shared by Elliott’s Mum, Liv

Elliot 1   Elliot 2