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Our Stories

There’s no entry fee, no invitations are issued and joining up is unanticipated but every year around the world new members of the Wolf Hirschhorn Club are born.

In Australia the diagnosis of Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome (WHS) links a relatively small group of families together. Some children are in their first year, other adults are in their fourth decade. Most states are home to someone with WHS.

The genetic blueprint of WHS creates similarities in facial appearance, body make-up and challenges that give these children and young adults a common bond but going well-beyond that are the unique and beautiful personalities which make them who they are in their own right.

We would like to share as many stories as we can. Families, please feel welcome to share the story of your child. Tell us about their wonderful spirit and what they mean to you.

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Feel their struggle and know their joy.

Nick from St. George QLD

Elliot from Melbourne VIC