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Funding Guidelines

Guidelines for HKLN Funding Rounds

Help Kids Like Nick is a charitable organisation that has been established to promote the wellbeing of individuals with Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome in Australia and their families.

Help Kids Like Nick has been endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office. We wish to provide assistance to alleviate some of the physical, social and financial restrictions which can accompany WHS.  We would love to make the everyday reality of living with WHS just a little easier.

Extract from Help Kids Like Nick constitution: The Company will pursue these purposes primarily through:

i. Providing relevant information and education to sufferers of WHS, health professionals, carers and the public;

ii. Providing relevant aids and equipment to sufferers of WHS, including to assist with mobility;

iii. Raising community awareness of WHS and other similar diseases;


iv. Relieving the sickness, suffering, distress, disability and helplessness experienced by sufferers of WHS by providing them with therapy, care, educational, recreational and assisted employment opportunities and resources, particularly in situations such as transition from schooling to after school when there are less resources available to address their sickness, suffering, distress, disability and helplessness.


 Grants through  Help Kids Like Nick will be available for the following areas:-

• respite care in special circumstances

• household assistance (invoices & quotes necessary)

• support for carers, families and siblings of persons with WHS

• modification for vehicles (to help cover the gap with Government assistance) up to a certain funding level

• specialised equipment that has not been covered by government medical aids subsidy scheme


Areas Help Kids Like Nick are unable to fund

• salaries, grants or monies direct to applicants

• cash donations

Payment will be made to the vendor or service provider, not directly to the family.


1.  Eligibility

Applicants must have an official diagnosis of Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome with information

in writing from a medical practitioner to show proof of the diagnosis.

Applicant must be a citizen of Australia.

There is no age restriction.


2.  How do I Apply?

You need to complete an application form and post or email to the following address:

Help Kids Like Nick


Po Box 4271

Gumdale QLD 4154

Email: info@helpkidslikenick.com.au

3.  Application Forms

Application forms can be downloaded here  HELP KIDS LIKE NICK Grant Application Form


4.  Funding Rounds

Help Kids Like Nick invite all eligible candidates to apply.  Applications for funding may be submitted at anytime.

Applicants will be advised of the result by phone or email within six weeks of receiving application.


5.  Success of Your Application will depend on these factors

• The amount of money HKLN has been able to fundraise

• The amount of money available in this funding round

• The number of people applying for grants in this round

Help Kids Like Nick may not be able to meet the full cost of your project however we may

be able to contribute funds to cover a portion of the costs depending on the amount of

money requested.

We seek to make the application process as easy and user-friendly as possible to keep

your workload to a minimum.


6.   We ask that you acknowledge receipt of the grant funds and complete a grant acquittal form

Download Receipt Form here Help Kids Like Nick Grant Acquittal Form


7.   Granting policies may be changed by HKLN at any time without notice.


8.   Funding Approval is valid for six months from the date of approval.


9.   Applicants agree that the decisions of Help Kids Like Nick are final and that HKLN accept no liability in such regard.