Supporting Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome Families

Supporting Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome Families


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Welcome to Help Kids Like Nick


Help Kids Like Nick charity supports children and young adults living with Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome in Australia. We connect families to other families, their carers and their supporters.

Having a family member with Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome is a life defining event. Whilst it can be challenging it also brings an amazing individual into their lives. Someone who attracts joy, love, sharing and helps us to reconsider the human values in a new way through a different perspective.

Help Kids Like Nick was created in 2012 and since then many families with WHS across Australia have been supported with over $100,000 given in grants. However there is an ongoing need for fundraising due to the many complex needs experienced by these families.

Help Kids Like Nick offers grants for equipment and respite care, educational and lifestyle support. We also offer travel assistance for families to attend the bi-annual conference for Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome families in Australia.

Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome is an extremely rare chromosomal disorder, affecting less than 100 people diagnosed in Australia.


Help Kids Like Nick is passionate about easing the burden and supporting families with Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome.