Supporting Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome Families

Supporting Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome Families


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Farewell from Help Kids Like Nick


With both a heavy heart and a glad heart, we bring you the announcement that the lifetime of Help Kids Like Nick completed end of June 2022.

Our charitable organisation was formed just a little over ten years ago and it has been an amazing creation. We honour Nick Blacket as the instigator of Help Kids Like Nick and we’re forever grateful for how his heart touched ours.

Many people have been involved with HKLN, through the administration and governance of the organisation and many many others through the Wolf Hirschhorn Community and the family, friends, businesses and services that gathered around us.

Over the years we’ve celebrated at some fabulous events, the standout being the Yuleba Marathon and Fun Runs. The exotic Seven Senses Dinner, bowling days, art evenings, morning teas and raffles made lots of great memories.

Our connection with the families around Australia whose family member has Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome has been truly remarkable. It has brought joy, humility, gratitude and a deep knowing that this is how it should be.. supporting each other.

We extend our appreciation to all who have ever been involved, in your various capacities. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the hard work and the joy that comes from a job well done.

Best wishes and blessings from the team at Help Kids Like Nick

Help Kids Like Nick was created in 2012 and since then many families with WHS across Australia have been supported with over $195,000 given in grants.