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How your money helps?


“A huge thank you to the Help Kids Like Nick charity support group. Through their generosity we have been able to arrange ongoing physiotherapy sessions for our daughter Rhiani to participate in this year.


Rhiani, who is now 19 years of age, has completed her last year of schooling and is ready to commence the next phase of her life. As she no longer has the opportunity to be involved in a physiotherapy program like she was at school we decided to approach HKLN for some financial assistance. HKLN have been tremendous in their generosity and support in enabling Rhiani continued involvement in a physio program.  Rhiani has the ability to bear weight on her legs and walk with our assistance and we endeavour to have Rhiani maintain this important skill for as long as possible. With a scheduled physiotherapy program now in place we will see the great benefits this will have on Rhiani’s ability to continue to walk with our assistance.


Once again – a huge thank you for your generosity and support.” Michelle and John McNamara and family.

As you can see, our grants target the specific needs of WHS families.

 For example Nick himself would love to be taken on an outing each week. He loves going to the movies, shopping and even sailing.

Well you may say, “that’s easy”!  However for a person with complex needs in a wheelchair it actually takes a lot of preparation and effort. The parents or fulltime carers can get very worn down by catering to those needs within the home let alone embarking on other activities.

 To have a fresh person arriving, with energy and enthusiasm, ready to whisk the child or young adult away on an expedition for a few hours can be a godsend to the parents and a thrill for the disabled person.

 We hope to assist families to modify their vehicles to carry wheelchairs, purchase specialized equipment that makes life easier.

  In our dreams we would love to purchase a motorhome to enable two fulltime employees to travel to the homes of individuals with WHS to offer respite care.

 Our other dream is to own a holiday home that is wheelchair friendly that can be used by families for a well-earnt holiday with carers in attendance.

 We have lots of dreams and we look forward to these being realized in future years.


 Charlotte Orr

Charlotte Orr

Charlotte is about to turn 4. She received funding from HKLN to fly to Adelaide for an assessment by a prominent physiotherapist / psychologist. The grant funded 3 days of one-on-one attention for Charlotte and helped with accommodation and flights. Charlotte and her family came home with a a neuro-developmental program to follow which involves about 4 -5 hours a day of exercises. In 6 weeks on the program, Charlotte has seen great results, going from not being able to sit to now commando crawling, being able to put things in her mouth and signing. The family are all very happy with her progress, especially Charlotte.



Nick Blacket
Nick has now left school which means that his care hours have increased dramatically. HKLN have funded assistance with respite care to help with this additional care. The grant proved particularly useful through the Christmas period where the family was travelling between places where there was little other assistance available. It has also meant that Nick has been able to maintain some of the activities he enjoys. It is a time of big transition for Nick and his family as they sort through the options for helping to provide Nick with the best care after leaving school.



Samuel Unsworth
Samuel is just about to turn 17. Samuel’s family were granted money from HKLN for respite. Later this year, Samuel will go to his usual respite care for two weeks while his parents have their first holiday for 28 years. At the moment, Samuel’s family are focussed on researching options for Samuel to continue to grow in a learning environment as they know that this is essential for his ongoing development. They are continually surprised and buoyed by his capacity for learning new skills and want to be able to provide Samuel with an environment that encourages him.


Rachael Doecke
Rachael is 19 years of age. Help Kids Like Nick provided money for the purchase of a Thermomix.  Rachael loves to cook, however, before the Thermomix, she could only help with the measuring and mixing of ingredients because she was not able to use the stove or oven. The Thermomix has been a huge success.  Rachael is now making her own milkshakes, custards and is also helping make main meals for the family. She made the most delicious Pumpkin soup the other day, and ate two servings herself! With this machine Rachael doesn’t have to peel the vegetables, all Rachael does is cut them into chunks, place them through the hole in the lid, set the temperature and timer, and then turn on the speed dial, which she has learnt very quickly. A great benefit of the Thermomix apart from Rachael’s involvement in the preparation of food has been that is has encouraged her to try new foods.  Rachael’s diet was limited, but that is slowly changing.  The more dishes she makes with her mum, the more she is wanting to taste them.